International Student Enrollment Brochure of Weihai Vocational College


International Student Enrollment Brochure of

Weihai Vocational College

. About the School

  1. Name Card of Weihai Vocational College

It was first established in 1958.

It is a full-time public vocational college.

It is a National Exemplary Vocational College.

It is a National Model Base for skilled Talents Cultivation. 

It is the Construction Unit of High-quality Vocational College in Shandong Province.

It is the Research & Practice Education Base for Primary and Middle School Students in Shandong Province.

It is the Excellent Chinese Traditional Culture Heritage Base of Shandong Province.

It is a Comprehensive Tourism Training Base in Shandong Province.

  1. College Resources

The college is located in Weihai, the most suitable coastal city for human life and residence. The campus covers an area of 203 hectares and a building area of 600,000 square meters.

The college has complete teaching and living facilities, including standardized student apartment, student canteen, school hospital, basketball hall, table tennis hall, swimming pool, quality development base, E-sports pavilion and baseball field.

The college owns more than 20 internship factories and 186 experimental training rooms.

The college offers more than 50 specialties in 9 major groups, includingsmart manufacturing, marketing, shipbuilding, construction engineering, electronic information, art design, modern tourism services, food and drug, business foreign languagesetc..

There are more than 16,000 full-time students and 1280 faculty members at school.

  1. Cooperation Projects

The college has established in-depth cooperative relations with more than 230 domestic and foreign enterprises above designated size, and cooperated with 382 enterprises to set up the off-campus internship and training base, which received more than 10,000 students for on-post internship every year.

In recent years, the college has set up Weihai Russian Research Center, Exhibition and Incubation Base of Scientific and Technological Achievements of Ukraine National Academy of Sciences, the Silk Road Center of B&R, Cultural Business Center of SCO Industry Council, Sino-ROK Professional Education Cooperation Center to promote cooperation with foreign universities and institutions of science, technology and culture vigorously. The college has built friendship cooperative relations with 43 universities in other countries and regions such as Russia, Ukraine, South Korea, Australia, Singapore and Taiwan.

The college actively sends students abroad for further education, cultural exchange and internship, receives foreign students and carries out various short-term cultural training classes abroad.

  1. Philosophy of the College

The college upholds the educational philosophy of "all for students, for everything of students".

More than 20 small and micro companies have been set up to provide students with a practice platform.

We have established 221 sci-tech and cultural associations to provide students with a stage to show themselves.

The Intangible Cultural Heritage School has been established at the college to promote the inheritance of cultural skills actively.

The college has set up a news center where students run TV stations, radio stations, newspapers and WeChat so as to develop  students practical abilities.

The abundant campus practice activities enable students to improve their comprehensive quality and enhance social competitiveness constantly.

 Ⅱ. International Students Enrollment Categories

The college enrolls international students all year round, including academic students, language students and students for professional programs.

  1. Academic StudentsAll the majors offered by the college can be chosen during the three-year schooling. The forms of learning are generally as follows: In the first year, students mainly study language, which is assisted by professional learning; In the second year, students study professional courses, which is assisted by language learning;

2. Language Students: They will mainly study Chinese as a foreign language during the half-to-two-year schooling.

3. Students for Professional Programs: They are mainly selected from foreign (overseas) friendly schools and will be taught in the form of “language + major + internship”.

 Ⅲ. Admission Requirements for International Students

Applicants shall be non-Chinese citizens of 18-30 years old and in good health. They are expected to have no criminal record, abide by Chinese laws, respect Chinese customs, and abide by the rules and regulations of the college. Junior high school degree or above is required for language students; Academic students and students for professional programs should have a high school degree or above.

 Ⅳ. Application Materials

1. Application Form for International Students of Weihai Vocational College; (See attachment 1 and 2 for details)

2. Diploma or Enrollment Certificate (Notarization is required);

3. Transcript of high school, secondary school, college or university (Notarization is required)

4. Copy of passport and recent photos;

5. Non-criminal proof (Chinese Embassy authentication and Chinese translation are required);

6. Resume (Chinese translation is required.);

7. Original of medical examination record; (See attachment 3 for details)

8. Students under 18 years of age need to provide a guarantor certificate. (See attachment 4 for details)

9. Materials are different for different categories of international students and different countries.

 Ⅴ.  ChargeRates

Categories of International Students


Accommodation Fee



academic students

RMB 8,000 yuan/year

RMB 3,000 yuan/person/ year ( room for 2 people)

RMB 1,500 yuan/person/year (room for 4 people)

3 years

The fee standard for students in the designated class, who are selected by friendship schools, can be consultedon the principle ofequalityand reciprocity.

language students

RMB 8,000 yuan/year

0.5-2 years

students for professional programs

RMB 800 yuan/month

6-12 months


1. Registration fee for international students who study for at least 6 months: RMB 400 yuan.

2. The cost of physical examination and insurance will be paid by applicants themselves.

3. The accommodation is arranged by the college. If student applies for single room, the accommodation fee shall be charge according to the overall room expense.

4. The deposit for each room of the international student apartment is 500 yuan/person. If any article in the room is damaged, compensation shall be made according to the regulations.

VI .Enrollment Time

There are spring enrollment and autumn enrollment each year. Registration for spring enrollment should be finished before March and that for autumn enrollment should be finished before August.

VII. Registration Procedure

Fill in the International Student Application Form of Weihai Vocational College, and send the scanned copies (rar/zip format) of all application materials to the mailbox of the international school of the college.

VIII. Admission

For eligible applicants, the college will send the admission notice and the visa application form for studying in China (JW202) (see attachment 5 for detailed requirements) in March and August.Students will be enrolled in April and September.

IX. Contact Information:

Address: Room 446, Juzhi Building, Weihai Vocational College,

New Sci-Tech Park, Weihai, Shandong Province

Zip code: 264210  Tel: 0631-5711357  Contacts: Miss Li, Miss You